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Maryland Marriage License Requirements

Legal Age for Marriage is 18 years old.

Under 18 needs parental consent.

Residency is not required for bride or groom.

Either bride or groom may apply for the license.

Couple must marry within the county they register.

If previously married you need a certificate of divorce or death.

There is a two day waiting period to receive your license

It remains valid for up to 6 months.

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The Act of Marriage is an action of The State - not The Church of any organized religion. When you get married, you are setting up many levels of legalities in your life. You are creating automatic inheritance rights. You are creating community property. You are establishing the right to be present at death and to make all decisions concerning the death of each other and members of your immediate family. As a married person, you are possibly now eligible for insurance benefits of your spouse. Marriage provides tax benefits for some couples. While Marriage is a sacred and profound transition in your life, it is also creates very binding legal boundaries.


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