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Why FrederickDj ?


We do this full time.  You actually get to meet the Dj that is going to host your event.  We probably won't be the 'cheapest in the book' and for good reason.  We treat your wedding or event with utmost care and professionalism.  Good businesses stay in business by doing good business.  In other words, we would like to be able to call on you for a reference.  We are not looking to book this to get it 'in the books',  and move on to the next.  Each event takes planning, maybe even a little re-planning a bit but whatever it takes, to create a memory.

We begin by listening to our clients.  
What type of function are you having? What kind of music would you like to have?

What type of "feel" are you trying to create... sophisticated and formal or a more  casual party atmosphere?  We can provide music from the big band era to the hottest hits of today. If you have  your own special music you would like used for your event, that is always welcome.  

We use state-of-the-art professional CD/computer sound systems and readily have back-up systems in the unlikely event that it would be needed.  Also providing live entertainment from classical guitar, jazz, to our unique and exclusive Live/DJ combo.

We are always appropriately dressed in tuxedo, suit and tie or casual wear depending on our client's request.

For more information,  please contact FrederickDj.Com anytime, telephone or email.

Phone - 301.789.1247

Fax - 301.631.1664

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